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Dark Psychology by Richard Campbell

Dark Psychology by Richard Campbell

Publisher Diego Creations LTD Publication Year 2020 ISBN-13 9781914056062 ISBN-10 191405606X Binding Paperback Number of Pages 148 Pages Language (English) Dimensions (Cms) 15.24 x 0.81 x 22.86 Weight (grms) 210



Do you ever get the sense that there is something sinister lurking behind some of the nicest people you know?

Perhaps you know someone who is popular with everyone else, but you cannot quite understand why you do not seem to like them yourself. This might be your gut instinct kicking in to protect you.

People are not always who they say they are. Some of the most charming people have very unpleasant sides to them that they hide away from prying eyes. This book challenges a lot of opinions you might have formed about people. It causes you to wonder whether the charming boss that you work with is indeed a nice person or just a manipulative one.

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