The Unusual Billionaires Pdf Download And Read

The Unusual Billionaires


Welcome to the The Unusual Billionaires Pdf Download And Read, Before You Read The entire Book You Should Know What You Are Going To Learn From The Book. To Get A Short Summary Read The About Book In Short Bellow. Also You can Check The Hardcover Price From The Button Given Above !!!

About The Book In Short

This book tells the tale of seven Indian businesses that over the course of the last two decades or more, became hugely successful in their respective sectors and generated significant wealth for their shareholders. Basically, the author discusses three crucial areas where they excelled:

  1. Concentrating on their primary business
  2. widening their moats of competition
  3. Effective capital placement

He talks about¬†how businesses may use innovation, branding, architecture, and strategic assets to create and maintain their competitive moats (also known as the IBAS framework). John Kay first described the IBAS framework in his seminal book, “Foundations of Corporate Success,” published in 1993. It’s described as:

  1. Innovation – According to John Kay, innovation is a clear source of distinctive capabilities, but it is less frequently sustainable unless it is trademarked or when there is process secrecy or other qualities that make it difficult for other organizations to follow. In other instances, it will be challenging to sustain innovation until it becomes a process that the business lives on every day. Innovation in business practices, such as how a company works, may also be a part of it.
  2. A product might become swiftly out of date, but a strong brand lasts a lifetime, according to a quote by Stephen King. Once established, brands are a tremendously potent source of competitive advantage. Customers often substitute the strength of a company’s reputation for the caliber of its goods or services. As a result, brands may give a company a significant competitive edge.
  3. Architecture – The network of official and informal agreements and connections that the company has with its workers, suppliers, and clients is the architecture of the company.
  4. Strategic Assets – Strategic assets can take many various shapes, but they always help a company produce its goods and services at a lower cost per unit than its rivals. It can cover things like intellectual property, licenses and other legal authorizations, access to resources like land and water, natural monopolies, etc.

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