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About The Book In Short

According to Whitmore, people can only affect change in that which they are aware of. If they are to perform, the customer must retain responsibility. The client’s accountability is maintained while questions increase awareness. If the coachee is informed of anything, awareness may marginally rise, but the coach, the information provider, now bears accountability. By making the client think more deeply and pay attention to their behaviours, questions help the client generate feedback that the coach can use.

A series of questions and for the coaching session are provided by the G R O W model. The aim of the customer comes first for a coach. A performance objective, like “create a new training manual by December,” or an end goal, like “retire at age 45.” The coach might then discuss the situation’s existing reality after further defining the aim. asking inquiries like:

  1. What have you accomplished thus far using the manual?
  2. What are the needs that a handbook might be able to address?
  3. Why did it take you two years to complete the manual?

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